Start being yourself in Hebrew!

At Citizen Café, we pride ourselves on helping people like you feel the most confident, in-the-know, and excited to speak like a local — across every part of your life.


Israelis don't speak like textbooks and worksheets, and you shouldn't either! That's why we're so focused on helping you speak the most relevant, interesting, street-smart Hebrew, including the proper language and modern-day slang.

You won’t be memorizing and studying. You’ll be seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew, while discovering new parts of the language within real-world, everyday context.

Like they say in sports: Confidence is half the battle. We pride ourselves on getting people like you to speak confidently and feel proud about your Hebrew, in every type of situation.

The Hebrew we focus on will position you to take advantage of more opportunities and experiences during your time in Israel — personally, professionally, socially, and romantically.


Campuses in the heart of Tel Aviv, on Rothschild Boulevard and Hertzelia Pituach

Intimate classes — maximum 10 people per class

Highly flexible course times — morning, afternoon and evening

"I went from knowing basic Hebrew, to being able to date in Hebrew, read emails and participate in meetings in Hebrew, and feel a million times more confident with the language."

Josh Hoffman

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