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Ready to learn the most immersive real-life Hebrew?

Citizen Cafe's renowned methodology and highly dynamic class experience will make you forget everything you knew about learning Hebrew. Start speaking the most practical and immersive Hebrew from anywhere in the world with highly trained and engaging teachers live from Tel Aviv. 

From absolute beginners to highly advanced, we have a level for everyone seeking to improve their spoken Hebrew and feel a part of the local conversation at the office, with friends or family.


90 minute classes

Ranging from 5-day intensive

courses to 10-week courses 


Flexible hours

Early morning and late evening

options to help fit work schedules and all time zones. 


8 Levels of Hebrew

Classes are offered from beginners to highly advanced. Get a

free one-on-one assessment


Live video conference/on-campus

Join your class sessions with our video conference from anywhere in the world or enjoy our stunning Tel Aviv campus


the teachers

Learn with Tel Aviv's top inspiring talent, making each class the best part of your week. 


only Real-life Hebrew

Focus on speaking the most relevant, interesting, street-smart Hebrew, including the proper language and modern-day slang. 


who we are

We are Tel Aviv's urban and culture language school, we capture the local culture and teach you to speak like a local.  Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, we are a team obsessed with Tel Aviv lifestyle, your teacher will be your IN to feel a part of Tel Aviv from anywhere in the world. 

Our main focus is conversation. You won’t be memorizing and studying. You’ll be seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew, while discovering new parts of the language within

real-world, everyday context. 

Confidence is half the battle. We pride ourselves on getting students to speak confidently and feel proud about their Hebrew, in every type of situation, while becoming immersed in the local culure, with workshops, events, and social meet-ups.

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I took the online ten week course, and I loved it! The teaching method is highly effective, and I learned way more than I would have in a standard language class. The instructors know how to tailor the lessons to your needs, and the homework does a great job of recapping what to work on. I went in without knowing a drop of Hebrew, and now, a little more than a few weeks into the second ten week class, I feel like I can carry on a conversation.

- Alex Summers

Want to know more?
Leave us your details and we promise to reach out shortly!