Speak like a local.

Live like a   

Tel Avivian

Learn real-life Hebrew that will change how you feel, speak and connect like a local - in every aspect of your life.

e-Toro is offering its non-native Hebrew speakers the opportunity to improve their conversational Hebrew with the exciting Hebrew courses offered by Citizen Café Language and Culture School.

90 minutes per class

Perfect for busy schedules, with early mornings and late evening classes

Small Groups

Offering everyone personalized attention and speaking practice

7 Levels of Hebrew 

We have a level for everyone, from beginners to highly advanced

Flexible location

Choose between our Tel Aviv campus or study from anywhere in the world with our new Distance learning course

Alex Geller

You won’t be memorizing and studying. You’ll be seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew, while discovering new parts of the language within real-world, everyday context.


Focus on speaking the most relevant, interesting, street-smart Hebrew, including the proper language and modern-day slang.

 Experience the unique learning method and find out your level and course options

Confidence is half the battle. We pride ourselves on getting students to speak confidently and feel proud about their Hebrew, in every type of situation.

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, we are a team obsessed with Tel Aviv lifestyle, culture and language- and passionate about sharing our knowledge.


Ronit Davis

I can't recommend Citizen Cafe enough. The atmosphere builds your confidence to speak and the teachers are fantastic. I always leave ulpan feeling empowered to speak and each day I talk more and more. I am about to go into my fourth semester which shows how much I believe in their method. When I am finally fluent, I will have them to thank.