You heard right!



As part of making Hebrew learning the best part of being at home (we mean it!), we decided to offer our 'drop-in' sessions in a free live-online webinar format so anyone can join in and refresh on the upcoming topics!

If you know how to say "The mall closes at 10 PM", "The coffee spilled on my computer" or "The window broke", and if you can easily structure hypothetical sentences like "If he had helped me, I would've finished it on time"- you DON'T need to join that catch up session ;-). Suitable for Dark-Green level (intermediate-advanced) and up.    

If prepositions like עם, את, על, ב, etc. are still a mystery for you, this is a catch up for you. It will help you "hack" them by creating order around them. You will review which verbs take which prepositions, learn their forms, and practice how to use them. Suitable for Orange, Yellow and Lime (beginner-intermediate) levels.

In the session you will review and practice a few forms of the future tense. You’ll start with the basic formula, and then go over some irregular verb groups. After going over the technical conjugations, you will also learn how to use the future tense verbs in sentences with positive and negative commands, & do's and don'ts. Suitable for anyone with gaps in the future tense, Lime and higher (intermediate-advanced) levels.

Let us help you order your coffee, ask for the bill, avoid paying more than you need for a taxi, impress your Israeli friends with some of the most common Tel Avivian slang, tell your bartender you want another beer, etc, etc! Suitable for beginners.

In the session you will fill in the missing gaps you might have from the Past Tense conjugations. The teacher will cover a few (4-5) main verb groups. You won’t only go over them, but also practice them in real dialogs. Suitables for whoever has gaps in the Past Tense, from Yellow and higher levels.

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